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Judo Sensei Delcides Diaz "Sensei Diaz" is a 6th dan "Roku-dan" professional Judoka who has dedicated his entire life to the Marial Art and Sport of Judo. All combined, Sensei Diaz has more than 40 years of experience both as a professional Judo athlete and a Judo instructor. He possesses a Master's Degree in Physical Education and Sport Sciences. He is an internationally recognized Judo Instructor and competitor. Native from Guantamo, Cuba, where he was the Technical Director of the Sport of Judo for the province of Guantanamo. He is responsible for the formation and success of several elite athletes that have made a name for themselves both in Cuba and in the United States; elite athletes that are champions and medalists in Championships such as the Judo Olympics, Pan-Americans, World Championships, etc. 

Sensei Diaz is the founder and primary instructor of Mambi Judo Club. The name of Mambi comes along as a way to honor the brave countryman that fought the Spanish colonizers in Cuba. The Mambises as they are referred to, were brave soldiers that although did not count with the sophisticated weaponry that the Spanish colonizer possessed, their fearless spirit made them victorious in many historic battles. Mambi Judo Club, is a Judo academy fully dedicated to the training, development, and success of Judo athletes. He brings his motivation winning mentality to each and every class. At Mambi Judo each athlete is trained with a personalized training method, as not everyone learns the same way. Sensei Diaz instructs classes to  kids and adults in the languages of English and Spanish. 

Sensei Diaz prepares his students mentally, physically, and spiritually by forging in them the spirit of Judo. Mambi Judo Club is a brotherhood where all members are treated with honor and respect. He instructs his students to always be kind, humble, and honorable. 

Sensei Diaz and Mambi Judo Club invites you to visit our Dojo and experience the unique personalized training sections where the Martial Art of Judo is kept alive and honored each and everyday. 

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