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The Judo Dojo is a combative, competitive sports training environment where life skills such as self-motivation, mental focus, interactive responsiveness, and resilience are forged, sharpened, and polished by enhancing self-image, self-esteem, and worldview effectiveness. 

Mission Statement for Adults:

Mambi Judo Club strives to create a safe, nurturing, and positive atmosphere where students, no matter their age, gender, or physical capabilities, will increase not only their ability to defend themselves, but also their mental focus, levels of self-confidence and self-discipline, and overall fitness (body, mind, and spirit). Through practical application and much hard work, we will help you:

  • Reduce stress

  • Stay healthy

  • Manage anger 

  • Lose weight

  • Build muscle

  • Stay motivated

  • Build dexterity 

Mission Statement for Kids:

At Mambi Judo, your child will gain essential skills, which will lead to academic, athletic, and financial success later on down the line.  Your child will learn self-discipline through the practice of self-restraint during group training sessions  They will find an outlet for their extra energy by expending themselves in physical activity, which increases hand-eye coordination and general dexterity.  Your child will be taught the value of accomplishment, as they will be required to set goals in order to progress to the next belt.  In addition,  they will learn respect, not only for the teachers and their fellow classmates, but for themselves.  They will become better listeners, due to the regular instruction, and this teaching will make them better at socializing and working within the confines of a team.  Finally, they will learn physical self-defense, but the intangible skills and abilities they learn outside of the physical portion of the training will prepare them to deal with any situation life throws at them.

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